Crafting Digital Experiences

We design & develop empowering digital experience.


Our journey began in 2007. We have 15+ years of experience in the digital sector.


We deliver simple, flexible and effective solutions that work!


We practice total transparency and openness in all our business activities.


We design & develop empowering digital experience.
We are passionate Tech entrepreneurs with over a decade of experience crafting digital solutions for everyday needs. Creativity and expertise are at the core of our business. All the strategies that we design for business are backed by strong and credible research. Our team is able to design and develop technology products that can simplify business processes and increase revenue.

What does 'Jeeva' mean?

Jeeva, means "soul, life, vital breath" in Sanskrit, an ancient and classical language of India. Ancient Indian texts describes Jeeva as unchanging, eternal, infinite and indestructible.

digital services

Software Development

Our services include content management and ecommerce systems and bespoke database-driven application development.

Jeevasoft has been working with many clients in India and Middle East since it's establishment in 2007 ranging from small, medium size businesses and individuals.

LAMP Development

LAMP development is an efficient and ideal technology to build feature-rich, scalable, secure websites, and web applications for your business.

To know more about our product and services visit our service site Vishmax.com

Industries we work in

  1. Healthcare and Fitness
  2. Media and Entertainment
  3. Transport and Logistics
  4. Information Technology
  5. Real estate and Construction
  6. Non-profit and Education


We prefer companies reach us through our service site, if possible.